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  1. Hi Riley,
    Wow, I have to say: you have a knack for telling stories in such a beautiful way, incorporating dialogues and descriptions that make you visualize and follow the story very smoothly. I love the way you portrayed the character Sunny in such a sympathetic and innocent light. It is a very different perspective than what we were given when reading Surpanakha's story in the Ramayana. I like how you shed the labels of rakshasa/human in this story and the connotations associated with them (ie. humans are good and demons are bad). You show the flaws of the main characters of the Ramayana, how Ramsey, Lux, and Cece look down on Sunny for her unusual appearance, and how Sunny is innocent and merely longs for companionship. Your story really made me think about who is really right or wrong, and that Surpanakha deserves more attention and sympathy than we think when first reading the Ramayana.

  2. Hi Riley! First of all, I wanted to say that I really liked the way you told this story! Your use of description and dialogue really helped set the scene, and I really liked all the dialogue, as so many of the stories that we read don't really have any. I also liked that you decided to write a story about Sunny, as I feel like she was a really interesting character that easily could have so much more depth, but she just didn't get enough time in the story. You added so many different layers to her; I feel like so many minor characters often have much more potential than the main characters, and most of the time, I like reading more about them. I think it's interesting to see how everyone picked their topics, and what stuck out to them the most out of all the material we've covered in this class. I don't really have any suggestions, I loved your story and I am excited to read more!

  3. Hi Riley,
    I enjoyed reading your stories. I think your portfolio is set up really well and I enjoy your readings. I like the way you wrote your second story. I like the fact you decided to make it a podcast instead of writing an actual story. I think the podcast was a very interesting idea and really made me feel like I should write a story like that. I think the most interesting thing about everyone's portfolio is that they can all decide what stories they write about and how they want to be presented to everyone. I loved your stories and I can't wait to see what your next stories have in store. I really like how much dialogue you have decided to input for both of your stories, it really does make me feel like I'm not writing my stories as good as I can. I don't really have many suggestions for you other than keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Riley, I want to mention how unique I found the author's note in your introduction by putting it at the beginning of the story. I really appreciated that because sometimes it is easier to follow a story when you have the background information, rather than reading the foundation of the story at the end. Your portfolio is easy on the eyes and I am grateful for that. Additionally, I like how you started your introduction with an overview, then jumped right in with a story. It was helpful to know who each character was and how their roles differ throughout your writing journey. This will help me when I read your stories in the future, as I can refer to each character's role throughout. The way you started the second story as a talk show was super creative and shows how many great ideas you have up your sleeve. I look forward to reading more, so keep up the hard work!


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